SCAD Museum of Art staff

The SCAD Museum of Art features an accomplished staff dedicated to bringing visitors and students alike unparalleled access to professional artists and international visionaries. Curating acclaimed exhibitions and world-class events like SCAD deFINE ART, the museum's staff works year-round to elevate the visitor's experience and showcase why SCAD MOA is Georgia's premier contemporary art museum.

Paula Wallace

SCAD President and Founder

Glenn Wallace

Chief Operating Officer

Kari Herrin

Senior Vice President for Brand Experience

Hannah Blackwood

Assistant Manager of Operations and Student Docents

Haley Clouser

Assistant Curator

Michael Cox

Art Preparator

Jake Ehrlund

Chief Art Preparator

Paul Gwiazda

Senior Art Preparator

Kristin Jones

Manager of Visitor and Museum Operations

Meredith Long

Director of Registration and Collections

Summer Orndorff

Head Registrar

Daniel Palmer, Ph.D.

Chief Curator

Kristin Poitras

Director of Museum Programming and Operations

Gabriela Poli

Art Preparator

Brittany Richmond

Assistant Curator

Lucas Ruminski

Art Preparator

Michael Runnels

Exhibitions Registrar

Sam Scheper

Art Preparator

Sara Spicer

Exhibitions Marketing and Communications Manager

Megan Tatom

Executive Director of Museum Operations

Hannah Thompson

Manager of Museum Visitation and Programming

Ben Tollefson


Jessie Ward

Museum Collections Specialist

Andreia Wardlaw

Director of the Walter and Linda Evans Center for African American Studies

Our vision

The SCAD Museum of Art is a premier contemporary art museum established expressly to elevate art and design education for SCAD students and art enthusiasts around the world. With intention and élan, the museum's distinctive, dynamic art experiences advance the SCAD mission and champion art in the public discourse. A fresh statement. A new standard. The SCAD Museum of Art.

— President and Founder Paula Wallace