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'Leather, Lace and Luster'

Black-colored clothing throughout history has come to symbolize everything from wealth, to bereavement, to teenage angst. Today, dressing in an all-black ensemble can be less statement-making and more utilitarian. However, the absence of color doesn’t necessarily correspond to simplistic, lackluster designs. In this installation of black evening wear from the SCAD Permanent Collection, drama and interest come from the expert choice of materials: the slickness of latex, the dimension achieved by layers of tulle, or the play of light and shadow inherent in lace or laser-cut mesh.

Oscar de la Renta from SCAD Museum Permanent Collection
Oscar de la Renta, "Robe de style," tulle and silk taffeta dress, Fall/Winter 2012. SCAD Permanent Collection, Gift of Oscar de la Renta, New York, New York.

By utilizing weave structures, embellishments and finishings, the designers featured here — Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Haute Couture, Diane von Furstenberg with her famous wrap dress, and Oscar de la Renta, among others — are able to create a dynamic, varied palette out of a single color. Many of the garments in the collection have been generously donated by friends of the university — from fashion designers of international acclaim and philanthropists who have set the standard for style — to be studied and admired by SCAD students and museum visitors. The SCAD Permanent Collection is exceptional in terms of its sartorial sophistication, elegance and fashion-forward style.

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