Explore perception with SCAD deFINE ART 2022 honoree Katharina Grosse and curator Dan Cameron
Portrait of Katharina Grosse

This event is free and open to the public, and presented as part of SCAD deFINE ART 2022.


Trustees Theater
216 E. Broughton St.
Savannah, Ga.

Renowned for her expansive use of the painting medium on a massive scale, SCAD deFINE ART 2022 honoree Katharina Grosse challenges perceptions of surfaces and ideas of spectatorship, establishing fertile relations between colors, shapes, and elements of architecture and landscape. Across her decades-long career, Grosse has thrived as the creator of this unique artistic lexicon.

On the occasion of the artist’s solo exhibition Chill Seeping at SCAD MOA, which features a large-scale installation that reveals the material diversity of her artistic practice as well as a group of recent works on canvas, Grosse joins New York-based curator Dan Cameron for the SCAD deFINE ART 2022 keynote lecture. The frequent collaborators discuss Grosse’s life and career trajectory to become one of the most celebrated international figures in contemporary art.