Summon protection at 'Force Field' printmaking workshop for students with artist Mildred Beltré
Signature image for Mildred Beltré event

This event is open exclusively to SCAD students.

Mildred Beltré’s work, on view in the SCAD MOA exhibition Elizabeth Catlett: Points of Contact, encourages audiences to engage in a social practice that intentionally considers the well-being and healing of community. 

Building on the threads and binate texts in the artist’s work Azabache (Mami), this printmaking workshop for SCAD students elaborates on notions of protection, while simultaneously imagining what freedom looks like. In this 90-minute session, students will reflect on the power and possibility of objects as tools to fortify oneself and community, creating a collective force field of protection.

To RSVP, email Joël Díaz, Evans Center director, at [email protected].