Delve into the imagination of AES+F collective at artist talk
Group portrait of AES+F

This event is free and open to the public.

Peek into the process of art collective AES+F as its members explore the making of some of their most emblematic projects. This conversation is moderated by Michael Chaney, professor of film and television. Their exhibition "Inverso Mundus" is on view in the SCAD Museum of Art Experimental Gallery Oct. 4, 2018 through Feb. 3, 2019.

Best known for its singular aesthetic sense and ambitious collaborative projects, AES+F, comprised of Russian artists Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky and Vladimir Fridkes, has produced a rich body of work in mediums like film and sculpture for more than three decades.

After the artist talk, the museum is hosting a reception beginning at 6 p.m. In addition to enjoying "Inverso Mundus," you can immerse yourself in the work of FOS and Guillermo Mora and "Jewelry of Ideas: The Susan Grant Lewin Collection," along with a special performance by Colectivo Arrogante Albino as part of the exhibition "I See You."