Enjoy a reception featuring several SCAD Museum of Art exhibitions
SCAD Museum of Art exhibitions

This event is free and open to the public.

Celebrate the new season of exhibitions at the SCAD Museum of Art. This reception showcases the artwork of several opening solo exhibitions including, "Inverso Mundus" by AES+F, "Palimpsest – Hands Worn Smooth by Coins" by FOS and "Now, Soon, Then, Tomorrow" by Guillermo Mora. The roster includes the group exhibitions "I See You, " "Jewelry of Ideas: The Susan Grant Lewin Collection" and "Shadow Stories and Matters of Time," the latter which was created as part of artist hub For Freedoms' new 50 State Initiative.

During the reception, enjoy a specially commissioned performance "You Are Here and It's Amazing" by Colectivo Arrogante Albino as part of "I See You."

The piece features choreography that expands to the realms of sculpture and costume design, exploring the human capacity to model and modify each other. The two creators and interpreters, artists Héctor Jiménez and Alejandro Mendicuti, wear costumes with prints of their modified bodies. As they move, their bodies reveal a tension between the movement and the visual illusion of the performance's components.